Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tampa, Florida

I recently made a trip to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Tampa and I must say I was impresses. The Hard Rock is located right off interstate 4 which makes it easy to get to from all areas around Tampa Bay. They have 2 huge parking garages and 1 parking lot to accommodate their visitors. They also offer valet service for a fee which is not a bad idea on busy night.

Upon arrival, I entered the South parking garage which is the newest garage and I quickly found parking. When I entered the casino I was amazed at how massive and modern the place was. I definitely felt like I was in Las Vegas with what seemed like thousands of slot machines with their fancy lights and sounds.

The Hard Rock Casino has a really awesome center bar with a tower of flat screen tv’s that can be viewed from any spot in the bar. The center bar is staffed by a haanfull of beautiful bartenders wearing really short leather shorts. The center bar is a real classy place to take a break from the slots or card games. Another unique bar is located off to the side of the casino floor near the gift shop. This is a trendy and laid back bar with comfy sofa chairs and live music.

When it comes to dining, the Hard Rock gives you more choices than you would expect. You can grab a quick bite at the Food Marketplace which is similar to a shopping mall food court. I had some pizza and pasta and it was delicous! If you are looking for a fancier dining experience you can dine at Floyd’s which offers Mediterranean influenced dishes. Council Oak is the place for you if you desire steak and seafood. There is also the Pool Bar & Grill, the Green Room, Fresh Harvest, & Rock n Raw.

On most Wednesday nights the Hard Rock has a prize giveaway where you can win a car, jet ski, cash, etc. All you have to do is enter the contest by swiping your players card and go to the center bar if they call your name.

The State of Florida and the Seminole Indian tribe struck a deal to allow the Hard Rock to have vegas style slots and card games. The vegas style slots are already in place which has delighted the slot lovers but the card games are currently on hold due to a lawsuit. The casino has no limit poker which is a big draw. I tried my hand on the poker tables and the poker room was absolutely jam packed with players. It was my first time playing poker and the dealer was very understanding.

The Hard Rock also boasts a world class hotel with some pretty fancy looking rooms. I did not stay in a hotel room but I plan on doing so as soon as possible. My trip to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino was much better than I had anticipated and I will most certainly be back. Here is the link to the Seminole Hard Rock site.

Visit Rivers Casino on the North Shore in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Along Pittsburgh’s North Shore one can find a gem filled with excitement: The Rivers casino. Here are a few things you should know if you’re planning on reserving some Rivers Casino lodging and taking a trip to the Steel City to visit Rivers Casino.

There is something for everyone. The Rivers Casino has 3000 slot machines. This includes older style games that use the three to five reel set-up, and they also have the newer video style slots, which consist of just about every theme you could think of with many different play styles to boot.

Table Games at River’s Casino

Rivers casino finally has table games as well. You can try all of your favorites: roulette, craps, three card poker, blackjack and more. They also have poker! Poker is very popular now and the chance to play on tables like these is an awesome opportunity.

When you arrive at the be sure to sign up for the Rivers Edge Players Club, you can use it at the slots and you can use the same card at the new table games. Just be sure to let the pit boss know that you want your play rated. You can be well on your way to earning great rewards just after your first trip. Membership to this club is free.

More Than Just Games

If you get hungry there are several different dining options from which to choose. Watch a game while having a burger in their sports bar. If you have a more refined palate you will really enjoy the fantastic fine-dining restaurant. Should you desire a huge variety for a great price be sure to hit the buffet. If you don’t want to stop playing long enough to eat they do offer a grab-and-go style restaurant. Finally, after a long night of playing hit their cafe for a take-home pizza to give to the kids.

Since you will be in Pittsburgh you will have a huge amount of options if you want to spend your day sightseeing and your night gambling at the Rivers. You can find ranging in price from unbelievably inexpensive to very costly. Wherever you decide to stay, access to the is convenient. I hope this helps if you are taking a trip to the Steel City to visit Rivers, and have a great time.

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What You Need To Know About Casinos

In earlier times, casinos referred to a small villa or outhouse built on the grounds of a larger Italian villa or palazzo. These were built specifically to house entertaining activities. Since the 19th century, the meaning of the word casino changed completely. Casinos then included public buildings where leisure activities such as gambling and sports were housed.

A casino refers to a building that allows all sorts of gambling games and activities. Players may gamble by playing slot machines or board games. Whether a player plays directly with the casino or with another fellow player, the casino has a predetermined stake in all the winnings. In the latter case, the set amount is known as commission.

It is important to realize that casinos do not create wealth. Casinos by themselves cannot generate revenue. However, they are institutions where wealth is usually transferred. In the gambling business, a set amount of money is spent with the possibility of winning more money. In relation to casino income, most of it is money that has transferred from the players’ hands to the casino.

Spending in casinos leaves people with less money to use in other markets. This directly affects the economy of the players, who may be from any part of the world. Gambling is a habit-forming activity. At times, this addiction could lead to bankruptcy. Some people are known to have resorted to criminal activities, including theft and burglary to support their fondness for gambling.

The possibility of easily multiplying their wealth attracts people to casinos. At times, mere curiosity makes people enter a casino for the first time. Other people may just do it for some quick cash. A number of people start gambling with minimal cash at first. Hence the chances of suffering greater losses are reduced. However, a good winning streak can make a person an addict for life.