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Why Watch Market Indexes?

You cannot directly trade stock indexes, but you should still keep your eye on them. So, what is the advantage of it? Well first let us look at what an index actually is. An index tracks the market, for example the S&P 500 tracks the 500 top companies in the US. However those companies do

Some Offerings of IG Markets Vs City Index

As the business of CFD trading is subject to a country’s laws, it is thus not available in all nations as yet. IG Markets is one of the recognized market leaders in trading CFD. It worldwide presence reaches into most continents, with majority of its organizations in the European region. CityIndex also has various points

How to Beat the Market Trading the Market Index

“Buy and hold” investing strategy probably does not work so well for most investors and traders in the past 15 years. From our analysis of the S&P500 performance from end of 1997 to 2008, an investor will make -7% (yes… that is Negative 7%) return using buy-and-hold strategy compared to about 660% return (excluding dividends)